Expecting The Best

Expecting the best
Your potential is not in your flesh it’s in your Spirit.

When Adam and Eve were created they communicated with God by their Spirit they were in tune with Him, they walked and talked every evening, their relationship was flowing and growing, they were of one accord and they enjoyed their life getting taken care of every need met they just knew that they had a Father who took care of them.

It would have stayed that way had Eve not listened to the serpent, and Adam had advised her not to eat the forbidden fruit, however they ate, and we are all aware of the outcome.

However, Jesus has come and restored the way for us, and we have the ability by faith to keep moving into our destiny and through Him we can achieve much.

Mark 4:40
Why are you so fearful? how is it you have no faith?

Many of us in the world today are fearful of what is ahead.

Can you say this?

I Have Faith in God. I will not fear.

When I was growing up I had lots of dreams and hopes and I loved the expectancy of the fact that I really believed they would come true. And some did and some did not however that childlike faith kept me going and scripture asks us to be childlike.