Habakkuk 3 v 17-18

Though the fig tree should not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines, the produce of the olive fail and the fields yield no food, the flock be cut off from the field and there be no herd in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord.

Habukkuk 1 v 1-14, 3 v 16-19

Habakkuk 1v2  “How long O Lord must I call for help, but you do not listen”.

Almost all of us at one time or another has questioned God about His way of working, and even, sometimes at his lack of intervening when bad things happen.  Our question usually begins with “Why”?

Habukkuk was a prophet, a singer, a poet and a musician.  We know this because Chapter 3 ends by saying “for the director of music.  On my stringed instruments”.

The name Habakkuk means to clasp or embrace.

Two ways this can be:

  1. His love for the Lord or
  2. Because he wrestled with the Lord.

At this time, it seems Habakkuk could see the rise of the Babylonian nation (Ch 1v6) which was beginning to threaten the surrounding nations.  Habakkuk was not only grieved with the state of the world generally, but also with his own people Judah…… Zephaniah Ch1 shows they worshipped the god Baal; They worshipped the stars in the heavens; Swore by the Lord in their prayers and then by the god Molech (child sacrifice).

Habakkuk like Jeremiah had a problem with this and asks why the Lord stood by and allowed it.  He also worried that Judah would suffer for her backsliding.

How many of us have been like Habakkuk about our world/nation???

Chapters 1-3, Habakkuk receives answers to his questions and they can be headed up with these titles:

Chapter 1 – Watch and see!

God’s answer Ch 1 v 6 “I am raising up the Babylonians (or Chaldeans)”  V5 “You will have to see this to believe it”.

Habakkuk not happy with God’s reply climbs his watch tower to see God’s answer.  God tells him to write the answer down then speaks about timing.

God is big on timing.  Hab 2v3 says to Habakkuk to be patient.

Ch 2 v 4 indicates an eternal truth – the wicked may be puffed up with their own pride-filled works, “but the righteous live by faith” Romans 1v17. 

The wicked Babylonians did end in destruction themselves – the wicked always will.

Chapter 2 – Wait and see!

5 woes Habakkuk pours out

  1. Woe against all aggression Ch 2 v 6-8
  2. Woe against self assertion Ch2 v 9-11
  3. Woe against violence Ch2 v 12-14
  4. Woe against humanity Ch2 v 15-17
  5. Woe against idolatry Ch2 18-20

See how all the towns Jesus pronounced “woe” upon no longer exist!!

Chapter 3 – Worship and see!

Habakkuk finally decides to rest in God instead of wrestling with Him.  God never stops working and He sees what we don’t see – the end of the story.

If we could see ourselves on that final day – because of God’s achievements not ours, we would be greatly encouraged Rev 19 v 7-9

Verses of encouragement:

Chapter 2 v 3, 14 & 20

Chapter 3 v 2, 16, 17-19

Most of chapter 3 is a reminder of what God did for Israel when He delivered them from Egypt.

Verses 17-18 no matter what happens, “I will rejoice in the Lord”.  It’s an act of our will.  Deborah in Judges 5 also rejoices in the Lord for what He has done.

Judges 4 – Deborah was a Prophetess, a woman anointed by God, who the elders would come to for godly wisdom.  In a day when women weren’t even allowed in the marketplace.  Barak, the captain of the army was to go and fight Sisera, the enemy, with his men.  He said to Deborah, “if you will go with me, then I will go, but if you do not go with me, then I will not go”.  He trusted more in a flesh and blood person (anointed by God) rather than the Lord himself!!!!!!  How many times have we been like that?  – I speak to myself here – it is by living by faith – faith in the living God, living on the inside of us, being led by the Holy Spirit that we need.  How many times have we made wrong decisions, plans of our own, tried to help God out with situations in our lives, rather than wait, watch and worship???  Something to ponder.

Deborah went with Barak, told him to get up and fight, God was with them.  He did that and the enemy was slain.  Sisera was thrown from his chariot and ran away and found himself at the tent of Jael (another woman used by God for His purposes).  She recognised him and saw he was weary and exhausted.  Sisera asks her for a drink, she gave him milk and a blanket and he falls asleep…..However Jael takes her tent peg and hammers it into his temple, pinning him to the ground, dead. 

We have to take the Word of God (tent peg) pertaining to our situation, or even declaring who we are in Christ, and hammer it in to the enemy when he calls (our words/voice is the hammer).  Speak the Word of God into our lives and situations, pounding away, keep on speaking and declaring as the Word of God is powerful to change situations and chase the enemy back.

Barak found Sisera, killed at the hand of a woman – victory ensued and Deborah in Chapter 5 of Judges sings a song to God in worship because of what He has done.

Wait and see
Watch and see
Worship and see

Praise God, hallelujah.