Winning or Whining

1st Sam 17:1-58


Israel and philistine were at war with each other, and the philistines had giants on their side who were tall and overpowering and the biggest was Goliath who was six cubits and a span  which is about 9feet 9 inches in our vocabulary his coat was 5000 shekels in weight which is about 126 pounds = 9stone so these facts give us a picture of how formidable he appeared, there were others in this army who were of same build and height.

In those ancient times it was decided that if 2 countries were not in agreement, they would each choose their best soldier and send them to fight each other and that settled who was who and in this whichever soldier won the fight decided which country were slaves and who were masters. It also preserved the lives of many who were needed and used to build and develop and produce the many other needs.

(You can read this V 25-26)

V 11

Saul and all Israel were afraid now this was the King so the fear was coming from the head of the country lets think about that and what it can do for many other situations.

For instance, when we have a head of state either King/ Queen / prime minister who is walking in fear and making wrong or bad decisions it effects the whole country, and they have no confidence in their leadership. It is the same when you are employed, and your employer does not treat you right or unfairly it causes the employee to not feel valued or able to work and trust their employer etc. It also has the same effect in marriage, families, and churches. So, when we trust in the Lord it has the effect of by passing all these situations and enables us to listen and trust in Him through these times.

Are you Winning or Whining?

Let’s look at the tactics, the philistine used (v 16)

So, for 40 days (just over a month) Saul and his army trembled in fear Even although Saul knew God not once did, he approach or seek Him for advice Saul just kept on seeing the Giant and created an atmosphere of fear among his people

V 17-28

Now David’s father sent him with food and David inquired of the soldiers as to what was the situation now when he heard the report lets read his remark in v 26 his answer was who dares to defy God it was not the giant but His God that he looked to and had confidence that God would win the battle

We are all going to go through many battles in our lives and we have a choice just like David to how we go through them

We can be like Saul and go through in fear and trembling or like David and trust God to take us through His way, sometimes that will require us to be still and wait sometimes like David, it will require us to take a step of faith.

Are You Winning or Whining ?

Look at v 28 -30 his own brothers belittled him and told him that he should not even have an opinion so in their eyes he was nothing someone that was not even worth considering.

David was considered a nothing just like the runt of a family.

Ever felt like that?

However, Saul heard about David and asked to see him


Please note that God sees all

V32-37 look at David’s reply to Saul his confidence was in what God can do let’s read what he said to Saul:


Saul tried to put his armour on to David, but he could not fight in someone else’s armour so took it off.

God has equipped you uniquely for your battles you do not have to be like anyone else.

Now let’s look at Saul He was a king and God had chosen him to be king so he was well equipped for this position he was not a stupid man he was chosen by God to be king, so when he asked David to take on Goliath, he recognised something in him that could defeat the giant.


Further to this David had prepared for the battle he chose 5 stones why? because the giant had others like him in the army, he was making sure he had enough ammo for the battle ahead, so he was preparing for his battle and his trust was in his God.

How do we prepare for our battles?  By spending time in our relationship with Father and reading the word every day and just spending that time with Him because as He  grows  and matures us He is equipping us for the battles we face Amen.


Let’s look at what David said to the enemy he was fighting his battles in the confidence of who he was in God, Amen.

What battles are you facing today and are you in the circumstances or running in the peace with God?

Allow me to pray with you and I am going to use another scripture from another of David’s battles that he won

1st Chron 14:11

So, they went up to Baal Perazim and David defeated them there. Then David said “God has broken through my enemies by my hand like a breakthrough of water. Therefore, they called the name of that place Baol Perazim


Lord Jesus, I rejoice today that you are Lord of my breakthrough. Thank you that your power is (about) sweeping through my life. I know that there is no problem that can stand against it. Poverty can’t stand against it; family problems can’t stand against it. Nothing the Devil can do can stop the victory you have for me, and I praise you for it now in Jesus’ name Amen.