Fresh Focus

We need fresh focus

Book of John Chapters 11+12

John 11 v 1-6

V4 Jesus knew that Lazarus would live.  He spoke the word and it went before Him and it was completed. He wanted God to get the Glory.

This was a family Jesus loved yet Jesus waited.

There is always a reason for delay It can build your faith or make you wobble it is called growing and maturing it can also build your confidence our God who heals and answers prayer today.

Jesus waited 4 days, but He knew that Lazarus would live.

Why because he had spoke to His father in heaven and believed.

Jesus was here on earth communicating with God and hearing trusting believing and knowing that Lazarus would live.

V9 +10 When we walk in the light communicating with our Father through Jesus we will not stumble because He goes before us to prepare the way Amen (Luke 3:5 Is 40:4).


Has God given you a vision that is still to manifest perhaps your vision needs to die first then God will raise it up in His timing then all you must do is believe it will come to pass and just keep waiting trusting and thanking God.

Martha and Mary wanted Lazarus to live and believed that if Jesus would come, he would be healed. 

Jesus had already done it, yet they thought he was dead.

If God has given you a vision, then get a word and keep standing on it till it comes to pass.

V7-17 Jesus and the disciples were going back to Judea where they had been persecuted and got at.

Lazarus’ resurrection threatened the life of Jesus. The Sanhedrin were determined to put Him to death Jesus knew this, yet He was still willing to go.

Jesus has said there will be persecutions when we walk with him are you willing to keep on pressing through.

These are the tests and trials that will grow and mature us Amen.

V11- Jesus explained to His disciples that Lazarus was sleeping, and He was going to wake him up however the disciples thought he meant sleeping but in V14 Jesus said plainly that he was dead and that He was glad for their sakes so that they may believe.

Miracles are fantastic but if we are believing and trusting in God daily then our walk is more fulfilling because we know that if God has promised then it will come to pass.

What are we believing today do we believe that God is God and that Jesus reigns on the throne and that we have been given all power and authority through the cross because that is why Jesus came to set us free?

V16 look at what Thomas said he wanted them all to die with Lazarus there are times when we all think that we have got the solution, however we need to depend on the Holy Spirit and ask Him for the wisdom, revelation, and guidance through all our circumstances. Amen.

Walk with Jesus

It’s a tough Journey.

Psalm 89 v 15 +6

Blessed are the people who know the Joyful sound they walk O’ Lord in the Light of your countenance.

Rev 21 v4 And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes there shall be no more death nor sorrow nor crying, there shall be no more pain for the former things have passed away.

V 21

Martha challenged Jesus saying if He had been there her brother would not have died Jesus answered with a question saying, “do you believe I am the resurrection?”

Lazarus’ body would be decaying can it really come back from the dead.

Well, she did believe but look at what she said when Jesus asked them to take away the stone, she said Lord by this time he stinks her head began to reason with what was in front of her and she knew the circumstances of what happens when our bodies die.

Reason and Doubt

Martha thought that Lazarus was going to rise in the last day little did she know the miracle, or should I say the  “suddenly “that was about to take place.

What are your hopes and dreams stay strong and keep believing this will grow and mature you in faith if God has given you a word or a vision, He will bring it to pass remember sometimes we have to wait but He is a God who does not lie and speaks truth?

Faith is not looking at your circumstances.

Faith is not a feeling.

Faith is not reasoning.

Faith is Trusting in what God says in the word and applying it to our lives that’s Faith.

25: I am the resurrection Martha thought it was after death.

Jesus made it clear it was a personal relationship with Him.

Victory is a present-day reality

V35 Jesus Wept.

This is the shortest scripture in the bible.

Now I have often thought and pondered over this scripture because Jesus wept, He understands the pain and the devastation of all the different circumstances we go through in our every day lives.

Now I also wonder if He was thinking about bringing Lazarus back into a fallen world because he would be happier where he was, just a thought.


Jesus said to (Martha) said I not unto you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God.

Can you believe for your Healing, Family salvation, marriage, finances, wayward children?

Here is an example for standing on God’s word for healing.

 Exod. 15:26

If you will diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord your God, and will do what is right in His sight, and give ear to His commandments, and keep His statutes. I will let none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians for I am the Lord that heals you.

Now satan will tell you it’s contrary to faith that you need a doctor. Now its Gods will to heal you that is very important that you believe that and understand it. But only if your faith is strong enough and you can believe without wavering regardless of symptoms etc.  but that kind of faith takes a deep revelation of Gods healing power and if you’re not certain go to the doctor and go with faith let peace be your umpire. But trust Him for your healing.

V 28 Jesus hurts for us and He is angry at the devastation in our lives.

John 12:9,17 &18

Lazarus attended Simon’s banquet and excited the enthusiasm of the people.

Our testimonies of what God has done in our lives are used to encourage others to step up and trust and believe what He can do in our lives. Amen.