The Kingdom of God

Malachi 09.04.22

Numerous mentions of the Kingdom of God/Heaven. Mathew uses, “Kingdom of Heaven” because of his sensitivity to the new Jewish believers.

What is a Kingdom?

  • Kingdom is a concept, that God created. It is directly opposite to a democracy.
  • He is King of Glory, an invisible Kingdom, heaven (Psalm 24v10)
  • Kings are Kings by birthright. It’s not a democracy, they are not voted in and out.
  • The laws in a Kingdom can never be voted in/out.
  • Kings want to colonise, expand their Kingdom.
  • He wanted to extend His kingdom beyond heaven so He created a physical universe (Genesis1).
  • Kingdoms have a constitution, a code of ethics which they live by (Luke 10 v 27).
  • When Jesus says He will give us the keys of the Kingdom (Mathew 16v19) these keys give access to the power and authority.

What is a King?

  • A king is never voted into power, that’s why you can never vote Jesus out of power.
  • A King’s authority is in His birthright.
  • A King’s word is law in His Kingdom
  • A King personally owns everything in His Kingdom
  • God was the first king and He created children.
  • His children are also born into the Kingdom (John 3v3-6), it’s their birthright to rule and reign.
  • God not only became King through the creation of an invisible world, but He became King of Kings, who are His children (1Cor 4v8).
  • Kings are also automatically Lords (1 Timothy 6 v 15).

What are we told about the KOG?

  • The KOG is like a mustard seed (Mark 4v30)
  • We have to seek it (Mat 6v33)
  • We won’t enter the KOG unless we become as a little child (Mark 10v15)
  • The KOG is within us (Luke 17v21)
  • We can not see the KOG unless we are born again (John 3v3)
  • We have to preach it and heal the sick (Luke 9 v 2)
  • The KOG enables the casting out of demons (Mat 12v28)
  • The KOG is the power of God (Mark 9v1)
  • Since the KOG has been preached, everyone is pressing into it (Luke 16v16)
  • The KOG is righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14v17)
  • The KOG suffers violence, and the violent take it by force (Mat 11v12)
  • When we belong to the KOG we become citizens (Eph. 2:19)

We are Ambassadors of the Kingdom (2 Cor 5v20)

We have a mandate/commission (Luke 4 v 18 – 19)

It’s our mandate/commission: John 17 v 18

We need to be bringing in the Kingdom of God, taking territory from Satan.

Healing the sick; raising the dead;delivering people;leading people to Jesus; preaching the Gospel are all ways we take back territory for Jesus.

“Disease or weakness, or any distraction in you, is a power of violence that can take   the Kingdom of Heaven in you, by force.”      Smith Wigglesworth.

“He who is in you is greater than he that is in the world.” (1 John 4v4)

Luke 17 v 20-21

Mark 13 v 5 – 11

The end times are on the way! How much longer is the church going to sit for an hour on Sunday mornings and believe, that’s all they need to do.

The KOG is all about other people, leading them to Jesus, believing we have delegated authority in the name of Jesus as given in Mathew 28 v 18 – 20/Mark 16v15-18