Breaking the old

John 14:26 But the “Helper “the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name. He will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.

Last week we spoke quite extensively about our words and how we are speaking alongside some great examples from the bible in the book of numbers Ch. 13&14 of what can happen when we are not careful to come into agreement with Fathers word and His promises.

Isaiah 40:8 the grass withers the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.

Isaiah 55:11 so shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing where I sent it.

I also said that we are born free but programmed otherwise.  

So how do we go about breaking some of the habits we pick up along our journey through life habits are not so easy to break.

This week I would like to read from the Book of Joshua C 13: 1-3

C 14: 6-12

 V 13 Caleb receives his inheritance because he had wholly followed the Lord Now Caleb was 85 some 40years on and in his promised land and he was still ready for battle.

Its not one battle its many and the going through and defeating these mountains that we will face is all about in whom do you trust?

As young Christian I also got into good teachings from others who had already that experience which I lacked for example.

Joyce Meyer taught about  Tv watching / Doing the right thing re litter / putting your trolly back / Giving.

What kind of programmes are you watching on tv are they full of bad language husbands and wives having ex marital affairs etc?

This is what can affect our minds and our thoughts think of David and Bathsheba that started off with David seeing her bathing and it led to an affair murder and death of their son!!! Further to that it brings a different atmosphere into your home.

(2nd Sam C 11)

Andrew Wommack   Taught about prayer and giving.

Sometimes in prayer meetings people give all the details of the person that needs prayer, and it really does not need details of anyone given out in a public prayer meeting as God already knows the circumstances. Further to the prayer requests once we have done this, we should start thanking God for the answers this is an act Faith trust and believing that God heard us, and He will answer. It also helps us grow in trust that God does hear us.

Kenneth Copland Taught about Authority / who I am/ and giving.

The above people helped me understand so much and taught me so much and years later I have not looked back to those old habits amen. So, get alongside someone who can help you grow and mature in God’s word.

Please check out whose teachings you are listening to.

Is it your circumstances:

what you can do or solve:

 is it all about how useless you think you are and lying down to defeat?  or will you lift up the word of God get into agreement with Him and believe that He will take you through.

Learn how to live daily unto God you can break those habits little by little.

Exodus 14:14 Says this I will fight your battles and you will remain in peace.  

Caleb at 85 was still prepared for battle he was still willing to keep on fighting.

The battles we face are used to grow and mature you, help you to wholly believe and trust in God be not like the Israelites who stayed and perished in the wilderness through unbelief and lack of trust, we can change just one step at a time.

The more you trust in the word of God the wiser you will grow Amen Read proverbs 2:1-9.

Meditate on the word for the area you need a breakthrough on look out the scriptures and ask God for a word in season and use them once they have been prayed in start thanking God for the answer. What habits would you like to break sit with God and ask Him to show you or perhaps you already know some.

And remember John 14:26 the Holy Spirit will help and teach you He is with you 24/7.

The next part is the season of waiting because it is about trusting believing and growing and only God will bring about the answer and it will not look or be like you imagined so try not to imagine and just trust in God for the answer. We tend to look at how we think in the natural do not LIMIT GOD amen.

Meditating, speaking the word out, believing, praising, and thanking God is our action the rest is Gods Amen.

God’s word is alive today for those who surely believe and trust in Him it will come.

It tells us in Joshua 15:14.

Caleb was 85years old and still prepared for battle we need to always be ready and remember as we go through the battles our trust in what God can do grows, we can rest in Him and we grow and mature along the way so it’s a win, win, situation. our journey of life can be an adventure if we can trust God for the outcome there is lots of great teaching out there and help to move out of old ways of thinking and doing.

The pandemic has given the world a shake so many are out of their comfort zones in how they do life We need to be constantly listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying as individuals and let Him lead us along the Path He wants us to go its not all about structures its about putting Him first and trusting that He knows the way.