Our Inheritance

The book of numbers chapter 13

Moses sent out 12 spies to check out the land of Canaan for the people and the fruit etc.

They were away for 40 days which to you and I is approx. 5/6 weeks, and they came back with clusters of lush grapes and pomegranates and figs and the place they took them from was called Eshkol the land they checked out was about 500 miles.

Their mission was to find out what kind of land it was arid or dry land and the people that lived there strong or weak few or many they discovered that it was very fruitful, and their words were; it flowed with milk and honey? And were the people strong or weak few or many.

The lands inhabitants were Amalakites, Hititites, Jebusites,Amorites and Canaanites.

They returned with their report to Moses and gave an excellent report on the produce and showed them the evidence they had brought with them.

However, when it came to giving the report the people who lived there, this is where they started being negative except for Caleb and Joshua 10 of the spies were fearful and were not confident Saying they were too big, to strong, to many.

V 30 And Caleb stilled the people before Moses and said let us go and conquer it for we are well able to overcome.

However, the negative spies were full of fear and stirred the people up against going into the promised land what they saw was giants and they felt or looked like grasshoppers with the result that they all started crying and wanted to go back to die in the land of Egypt.

Can you imagine how this all looked and sounded to the people around no confidence was coming from most of these spies the disappointment must have been great because they were saying they would have been better off in Egypt to die their hearts must have been so heavy and so full of fear of the unknown.

I wonder how Moses must have felt he was the leader of a nation of people who could not trust in God, and they believed the worst.

How about Caleb and Joshua the odds were against them to try and encourage others with a negative majority this outcome must have made them feel useless they could see and knew God was with them and yet the others were fearful.

What an atmosphere that must have been despondency fear no hope.

They needed Evidence like the fruit and the pomegranate before they could move forward.

If we believe, we only need to move forward with our faith in God’s word which is alive today.

Somehow, they had already forgotten all the miracles that God had done for them like the parting of red sea, just forgotten, their food and water and the clothes that did not wear out.

All they had was fear of the unknown they forgot who God was and what He could do for them.

Draw a comparison here with what happening with pandemic what do you see out on our streets today is a people walking in fear we are no different today.

Despondency fear no hope.

Ecclesiastics tells us that there is nothing new under the sun.

Sharon Stone
You will find this on you tube
Part of her prophetic word for 2022 is this:

Words that you say publicly or privately be careful as a leviathan spirit can be used to twist things.

Know the wiles of your enemy at this time.

You are accountable to the word that you speak eat the words that need to be eaten and the words that are spoken will have authority release your words the battle is over the voice.

Math 6:31 says do not worry saying

What are you saying?

Chapter 14: 30 35

V 30 Except for Caleb & Joshua who would go into the promised land.

Now God spoke to them and said that they would die in the wilderness (older Generation).

Where do you want to be walking?

In the plan God has for you or scrambling about in the wilderness waiting to die.

What is coming out of your mouth is it faith and hope in what God has promised you
Or despair in your circumstances and agreement with the worlds way of speaking doom gloom lies and despair.

What “ites” are you carrying around with your mindset, habits & words All these
“ites” need to be dealt with.

Fear, sickness, lack etc, look out the scriptures for the area you want to see change and start declaring the word in faith.

We were born free but programmed otherwise.

The Lord’s prayer (Mat 6:10 Thy will be done here on earth as it is in heaven
Caleb desired a mountain he was courageous and persevered because he knew God was on his side.

He followed God faithfully and God took him into the promised land he inherited his promised land here in the land of the living (Psalm 27: 13) he claimed his inheritance by trusting and believing speaking out God’s word.

We all want to see the goodness of God now.

Its time to make some deposits of His word into our lives speak words of peace into your life words of healing into your life words love and blessing for your family.

When we Deposit the words of God into our hearts for the area that we are in need and speak to them out into the atmosphere when possible and often throughout your day until they are in your heart, and they come out without you thinking about them Amen we come into agreement with what our father has already promised us.

Then wait upon the Lord.

Isaiah 40::31 They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary.

We really need to think about what is coming out of our mouths is it Gods words or is it the negative responses we hear in the world around us what deposits are we making over our own lives by speaking out negatively with phrases like I can’t, or I am not any good or they can do it better than me etc. when we speak His word He can then go to work on our behalf when we speak in negative mode, He cannot do anything because we are right where satan wants us.

Proverbs 4:23 says out of a mans heart speaks the issues of life.

Proverbs 18:7 a fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.
We have what we say as believers we know that it’s a biblical truth there are many scriptures throughout the bible like Mark 11:23 math 21:21 etc yet we often let it slip and allow ourselves to talk like the world and end up in a mess. To inherit what God has planned for us getting into agreement with what God is saying is the best way forward.

What inheritance are you walking into?

When we use our mouth there is no physical work required only faith words and belief. This cannot be done in the natural it’s a spiritual law, so it must be done with spiritual power it takes Gods wisdom from above gods word in His wisdom (prov. 2:6) He also says His words are Spirit and life. All we must do is say sorry, start listening to what we are saying what do you hear yourself saying Mark 4.24 and ask yourself do I want what I have just said to come to pass??

Jesus has already done it all on the cross.

We were born free but programmed otherwise.

What habits and mindset with our words do we need to break?

Let’s ask Father to help us get rid of those habits and change through His strength our words and mindsets. why would we not want to agree with what our heavenly Father He wants nothing but the best for us He loves us He has a plan for us he wants us to inherit the best and the only things that hold us up is us and how we act talk and believe let’s start making some changes today one step at a time and ask Him to help us.

Psalm 141:3 set a watch before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.

Leviathan Job 41 Psalm 74:14 104:26 Isaiah 27