A wilderness experience

The Purpose of the Wilderness:

  1. It is a season where God matures us.
  2. A season of Humility Duet 8:2 Remember how the Lord your God led you through the wilderness for forty years, humbling you and testing you to prove your character, and to find out whether you would obey his commands.
  3. A season of self-discovery.
  4. A season of purification Rev 3:17 You say I am rich. I have everything I want. I don’t need a thing! and you do not realise you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked.
  5. It builds character in our lives Luke 1:80 John grew up and became strong in Spirit. And he lived in the wilderness until he began his public ministry to Israel.
  6. A season of revelation Isaiah 40:3-5.

The wilderness is a necessary time for every child of God. Just as surrender is a necessary part of our daily / ongoing relational walk with Father God.