1 Timothy 2:7

For God has not given us the Spirit of Fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
1 Tim 2:7

Many people walk around in fear of what might be or when things in life start going the wrong way and one of the first thing many folks do is react and respond in fear thinking “oh what next.

However, if we are prepared in the word and Holy Spirit led, we can respond in faith that God has the answer. I know someone who was diagnosed with cancer and when the person was given this news, calmy went for lunch then home to speak to God. Before disclosing anything to family friends etc. the person wanted to find out it what was Gods will in this, as the person knew and believed that sickness does not come from Him. After speaking to God and being reassured of healing, the person when speaking to family & friends (who were not all saved) had the confidence to know there was purpose and healing in this situation. The person had to go through an operation and treatment but was totally healed. Speaking to God about the situation also gave this person total confidence and trust in Gods will for their life and God used this situation to speak to many.

His word tells us that He loves us and that we have a sound mind therefore if the word is already in us, we have the power to move forward in trusting in Him for an answer.

The word for you today is have confidence in him.